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I guess so.

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Cooking up a storm

I got in the mood to cook yesterday. Looking at food websites tends to do this to me... and make me hungry. I made oatmeal raisin muffins from the back of the oatmeal container and banana nut muffins from an about.com recipe.
The result was that the oatmeal muffins were a bit bland and dry and were overdone on the bottom. They will make good breakfasts this week. The banana bread was perfect. Yeah!! To prevent the bread from burning on the bottom also, I placed a pan underneath the bread pan while it was baking to distribute the heat. I will try another oatmeal muffin recipe in the future. Still need to make the mexican cornbread recipe I found.



Like I didn't know already!



I just finished uploading a userpic and matching it to a layout. Pretty good I'd say for a first try.
I'm using Bloggish, Forest Green.
It stormed this morning giving us some much needed rain. Too bad the temperature will be in the upper upper 90's today. Can we say sauna.
I am not looking forward to this afternoon, being out on the heat.

Well, I took the plunge.

Came across the Live Journal of a friend and thought, "Maybe, I should have one of these." I have never been very good at keeping a journal or diary.  Tried and failed several times, but I will promise myself at least once a week entries.  That should keep me going.   Still not sure what I have to write about...

I have recently come to understand that it is a time for some changes in myself and the way I look at life.  I tend to be pessimistic (recent history)and depressed.  Have had a difficult time being around people and tend to focus on my problems.  I am not totally self absorbed but I have lived behind the eight ball for far too long.  It is absolutely critical that I begin to get out from under this cloud, take control and have some long needed fun.

I tend to be conservative, intelligent and quiet. I like math and science, and of course trivia. I am not a risk taker, preferring to observe the rules and play according to them. I absolutely do not like looking like a fool or having attention paid to me unless it is for some achievement I have accomplished. 
Well, enough about me.  


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